أ.م.د. علي سليمان زريجيn
A pragmatic Study of Implicit Expressive Speech Acts in Shakespearean Tragedy ‘Romeo and Juliet’ With Reference to Their Comprehension in Arabic 1
A Study of Antonymy in the Glorious Qur’an With Reference to Its Realizations into English 2
A study of aspect in the Glorious Quran with reference to its realization in English 3
A Study of Feminie Forms in English with Reference to Arabic 4
A Study of Translations of Euphemisms in the Glorious Qur'an 5
An Analytic Study of James Joyce's 'EVELINE' in the Perspective of Intertextuality 6
Morphological and Syntactic Characteristics of Auxiliaries in English 7
The Impact of Culture on Translation 9
Translation and Culture 10



أ.م.د. علي طالب جبوري

1 The Use of Mother Tongue in  Teaching English in Iraqi Secondary Schools And Its Impacts on The Pupils' Levels
2 Training and Preparing of the Iraqi Teachers of English: An Evaluative Study
3 Equivalence and the Aspects of the Relationship Between the Source and Target Texts
4 The Achievement of Advanced Iraqi Learners of English In Comprehending And Producing English Conditional Sentences
5 Contribution of Reading Comprehension  to Translation
6 Native and Non-Native Speakers' Use of English Idiomatic Expressions: A Syntactic and Pragmatic Study
7 A pragmatic Study of Medical Proverbs in English With Reference To Arabic


تأ.م.د. عمر احمد شهاب
1 An analysis of errors in  using modal adjuncts made  by  ESL at the university  of Tikrit
2 The confused nature  Of delexicalver in English An error analytic study
3 Testing Iraqi students  Awareness of fixed Expressions in English : an error analysis

أ.م.د. نواف محمد عبد الله

1 Theme Identification in English Clauses
2  The Placement of Nucleus in Arabic with Reference to English
3  The Intonation of Negation in Modern Standard Arabic with Reference to English

أ.م. احمد حساني ياسين

1 The Notion of Homographone
2 Techniques of Testing Pronunciation: Production and Recognition Levels
3 Deep Impact of Pragmatics in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
4 Neologism as a Linguistic phenomenon in mass media textbook with reference to translation
5 The commonest types of metaphor in English
6 A metaphor as non-literal meaning in English common use
7 Communication Skills
تم. إبراهيم محمد علي
1 Neologism as A linguistic phenomenon in mass media textbook with reference to translation
2 The translation of simple sentences into Arabic for the first stage students in the department of translation in the college of arts in tikrit university
3 The problem of Machine Translation (Golden Alwafi) software sentence Analysis
4 A Semantic Analysis of the conjunct “And” Arabic in Conjunct 'و' and English in A Contrastive Study



م. زياد احمد دحام

1 An Analysis of Error in Using Modal Adjuncts Made by ESL at the University of Tikrit
2 A Contextual Problem of Ad Hoc Concepts in Utterance Interpretation: A Relevance Theoretic Account
3 A Pragmatic Study of English Discourse Markers in Spoken Conversation
4 The Confused Nature of Delexical Verbs in English: An Error Analytic Study
5 Testing Iraqi Foreign Language Learners' Awareness of English General Extenders


تم. زينب عبودي علي
1 A Phonological Study of English and Arabic Assimilation A Contrastive Study
2 A Theoretical Study of English and Arabic Vowelswith Reference to Cardinal Vowels
3 Clinical Linguistics as A Means to Speech Therapy: A Special Emphasis on Clinical Phonetics
4 The Relationship Between Tongue Slips and the Field of Linguistics
5 Some Problems of Iraqi EFL Students in Transliteration


تم. صدى علي حامد
1 A syntactic Analysis of Dangling modifiers in English
2 Syntactic Problem of Translation English wordiness into Arabic
3 An Investigation of Iraqi English Foreign Language Learners Awareness of Hedging Devices in Academic Writing


م. مها بكر محمد

1 The Cohesive Devices Used in Tom Stoppard’s “Jumpers”
2 ‘Since’ and ‘For’ as Prepositions of Time: Errors of Use
3 A Discourse Analysis of Samuel Beckett’s “Krapp’s Last Tape”


تم. معن محمد عبيد
1 A Study of Antonymy in the Glorious Qur’an With Reference to Its Realizations into English
2 A Study of English Death Euphemisms with Reference to their Translations into Arabic - A Case Study -
تم.احسان مضر محمود
1 The poetry of Emily Dickinson William Blake's life and works
2 Marriage as a Social Transaction in Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice
3 Major Characters in Lord of the Flies
4 The Poetry of Emily Dickinson
5 William Blake's Life and Works


تم. انتصار محمد وكاع
1 The importance of fleet theme in ernest hemingway's the old man and the sea
2 Shakespearean spirit in jane austen's  pride and prejudice
تم. م. تحسين امين فيصل
1 Explicitation  A Problem-Solving for Translating Arabic Religious Non-Equivalent Items Into English
2 Rhetorical Questions in Glorious Quran and their realizations in English
3 Towards a Translation Skill The Difficulties Encountered by Iraqi Pupils at the Primary Stage in Learning English as a Foreign Language
تم. م. خطاب محمد احمد محمد
1 Treatment of Nature in the selected poems Of Robert Frost: Quest for Humanism and Symbolic Representation
تم. م. عمر داود عمر
1 Interdependence of Allusion and Inference
تم. م. ردينة محمد بدع 
1 The Placement of Nucleus in Arabic with Reference to English
تم.م. نورجان جمال حسين
1 A rhetorical study of emphasis in English with reference to Arabic
تم.م. مروة كريم علي
1 A Semantic Study of Assertive and Non Assertive Interrogations in The Glorious Qur'an With Reference to English
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