1-the college must have an important effect by means of contributing in achieving university target. And as an advanced in situation. The university in turn achieve the country targets.
2-the couege must work as wean for serving the society.
3-Displaying the role of the college through preparing graduated students who are able to engage work fields.
4-contributing in researches, symposiums, con ferences, scientific periods, publication and translation.
5-Admitting preparatory students in both scientific and literary branches into university study.
6-graduating scientific and researching staffs in various specializations such as: Arabic language history, translation , mass media , and applied geography.
7-providing other country's institutions with scientific cadres in humanitarian specializations for replenishing in country institutions.
8-Giving – away for graduated students to complete their higher studies in future.
9-Expanding in establishing new scientific depart went where fore the college will be the nucleus for fording other colleges such as college of mass media and college of languages and engaging in other specializations in future.
10- focusing on researching in the edges of developed sciences by means of opened special izations in the college, where of, the graduate has

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